Conquering Diseases

Project: Every Child For Younger Patients With Cancer


Seeking Male and Female age 0-25 years who may have cancer or another condition that is characterized by abnormal cell growth but may be benign (not cancer), or may already have been diagnosed with cancer.


This study is being done to find better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancers in children, adolescents and young adults.

What we're hoping for

Being in this research might help the doctor learn information about cancer & may help him pick an appropriate treatment for his patients (children, adolescents and young adults).

Additional Information Identifier: NCT02402244

 Principal Investigator

Stefanie  Lowas, MD

University of Massachusetts Medical School

 Study Contact

Pediatrics Hem-Oncology  Research Center



UMMS University Campus

55 Lake Ave North 

Worcester,MA 01655