Conquering Diseases

Questionnaire Study Of The Long-Term Safety And Effectiveness Of The Drug Tecfidera For Multiple Sclerosis (Ms)


To collect data on patient who are receiving dimetyl fumarate as part of their routine care for multiple sclerosis


Volunteers who take the drug Tecfidera for their multiple sclerosis (MS) will be asked to complete up to 6 questionnaires over a period of 5 years. We will collect information on any serious side effects that may occur in patients taking Tecfidera™ (for example, serious infections, liver and kidney problems, cancers, and any other serious side effects). Information on relapses, disability progression, and the quality of life in patients taking Tecfidera™ will also be collected.

What we're hoping for

We hope to better understand the benefits and risks of long term treatment with Tecfidera™ in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Additional Information Identifier: NCT02047097

 Principal Investigator

Carolina  Ionete, MD

UMass Memorial Health Care

 Study Contact

Farnaz  Khalighinejad



UMMHC Memorial Campus

281 Lincoln St. 

Worcester,MA 01605