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Study Of The Effects Of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


Pregnant women with either normal or high blood pressure sought for a study of the effects of high blood pressure during pregnancy. The study will assess whether future cardiovascular disease or serious pregnancy complications like preeclampsia can be better detected & prevented.


This research is being done to learn about the effects of high blood pressure during pregnancy using blood tests that measure cardiac muscle strain and inflammation. Prior studies have shown that women with high blood pressure in pregnancy may be at higher risk for having cardiac muscle strain and inflammation, which may indicate future risk of cardiovascular disease. Blood and urine samples would be collected at the same time as these type samples are collected for usual medical care.

What we're hoping for

We hope to better identify women who are at risk of pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and future heart disease.

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 Principal Investigator

Lara C Kovell, MD

UMass Memorial Health

 Study Contact

Cardiovascular Research Office

(508) 856-1014


UMass Chan University Campus

55 Lake Ave North 

Worcester,MA 01655